What Are FDNJ Approved Window Gates?

Published: 01st June 2011
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Because apartment buildings house so many people and families in such close proximity to one another, the potential for a fire to cause extensive damage or to even be fatal is much greater than in single family homes. Therefore, even more precautions must be taken in the event of an emergency fire situation. For many people gates or security bars on their windows can help them feel secure from intruders, but can prove to be very dangerous in the case of a fire because they will trap the residents inside the home. Therefore the New York Fire Department (FDNJ) has put certain regulations in place to protect the city's residents.

Any reputable locksmith in New Jersey who has experience with gates iron work will know that if an apartment building has an outside fire escape, any security gate installed on the window thereof must approved by the New Jersey Fire Department. FDNJ approved fire-escape window gates cannot be opened from the outside, but from the inside may not require a key, a tool, or any special effort to open. Any approved gate will bear a stamp or label with an FDNJ approval number.

If you will be installing FDNJ approved window gates on your fire-escape, consulting a store it is a good idea. Service provider can provide the consumer with a wide range of New Jersey Fire Department approved window gates. From flat window gates to decorative ironwork, all available in several different shades, a shopper is sure to find what he or she is looking for. In addition, because of their longevity as locksmiths, they understand and appreciate all city regulations and will make sure that only the correct gates are installed and that they are done so properly.

Locksmiths should also be able to advise you of certain guidelines suggested by the FDNJ to ensure your safety and the safety of the other residents in the building. One of these is that every member of the household should feel comfortable opening the FDNJ approved window gates. In case of an emergency, you never know who will need to open the gate to get out or to let the firefighters in. In addition, the fire escape window should remain clear at all times to ensure easy access in case of an emergency situation.

Professional locksmiths in the New Jersey area should be experienced with the regulations outlined by the New Jersey Fire Department, and should be prepared to install the correct type of window gate on each window depending on the purpose and function of that window. Fire escape windows can only be covered by an FDNJ approved window gate that is easily opened from the inside without the aid of a tool or key of any sort. Be sure that your locksmith is well versed in all these laws and regulations.

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